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Naturopath Grange, Brisbane

Oct 20


Naturopathy is both science and an art. It is a complete method of healthcare that uses the tools made by nature accessible to enable people to get the most optimal health they can. Naturopaths are holistic practitioners. Every organ system of the body is linked. This is why the principle behind Naturopathy is to treat the entire body rather than focusing on specific systems, and then treating the specific organ system.

Herbal Medicine

About 80 percent of the population depend on herbal remedies for their primary medical needs. In the past as well as today the use of herbal remedies has been utilized worldwide to prevent and treat illnesses. The majority of the medicines that are available today have come from nature. As herbalist, I can provide diverse herbs in tablets as well as liquid forms to treat a number of health conditions.

Nutritional Medicine

It's impossible to use the wrong fuel for your car and still have it run well the same way you cannot nourish your body with incorrect food and expect it to remain healthy. Diet is essential to health. Every person is unique and different foods will be suitable for every person. I will thoroughly analyze your diet to see if you consume foods you're allergic to. I will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of certain foods in order to improve your health now and in the near future.

Introducing Andrea

Grange Naturopath, Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist

Naturopath Grange

Andrea Southern is a certified Naturopath and also an herbalist, nutritionist, and Medicine practitioner. She is the director of Southern Health & Wellbeing clinics in Brisbane Qld and Ubuntu Integrative Centre in Stafford Brisbane. Andrea is a professional with more than 10 years of clinical experience. She uses a holistic approach to treat symptoms as well as the root cause of health problems. Her goal is to assist clients achieve optimal nutrition and health, and to help them lead an happy, healthy and balanced life. Andrea is passionate in helping clients acquire the skills they require to ensure that their health remains in good condition.

Andrea does not believe in "one-size fits all". Andrea recognizes that every person is unique and will help her clients to consume a balanced diet that suits their individual needs and to make lifestyle choices that suit the needs of each individual.




My Grange Natural Health Expertise

Andrea's Approach & Values

The years of the clinical setting in the clinic at Stafford, Brisbane have taught Andrea that there's not "one way to treat" each health issue. Since every person can be treated as an individual every individual's health problems must be addressed in a specific manner. Andrea will be able to dig in your health history to find the reason for your health problems.

As a patient is directly involved in the treatment process. Andrea is very clear about her clients' involvement when deciding on the right treatment for their health.

Treating symptoms an essential part in Naturopathy and is handled starting with the initial consultation in addition to investigating and determining the cause of the issue. By engaging you in each step , you'll leave the consultation with a greater understanding about your overall health. Andrea will look at your health thoroughly to discover the root cause of your health issues.

Andrea is focused on food in the way Nature created it: whole nutritious, healthy food. If your overall health is good eating healthy is the best way to stay active and healthy in the near future.

It is also important to take into consideration other aspects of your life like exercise or stress, sleep and sleep as well as your mental health. Life coaching is a crucial element of any treatment program.

Andrea treats every person who walks through her door with respect and dignity , and with respect for each individual. Andrea will look at the whole person, not just health concerns and will be attentive to your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

With a wide range of nutritional supplements to assist you in attaining the healthiest you, get in touch with Andrea today to find out ways to overcome the health challenges you confront


"I was suffering from diverticulitis for the past 10 years, and, after three hospitalizations and IV antibiotics every time, I made the decision to pursue a natural route to wellness. Andrea has helped me gain the understanding that certain foods, intolerances, chemicals and pharmaceuticals have affected my immune system, to the point that I was constantly relapsing into poor health. I'm grateful for Andrea's advice, support and experience in the field of nutrition, natural remedies and her genuine care to help me achieve better health and wellness."

Meralda, age 67

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How do you find the most effective Naturopath Grange has to offer

It's not just hard to find an Grange Naturopath It's hard to find the top Naturopath who's located in Grange. There isn't any single Naturopath who is most efficient, but there are methods to determine the extent to which you Naturopath will work with you.


Reviews are a great way to find out the manner in which Naturopaths communicate with patients and how effective they have been in solving health issues. Reviews generally have a consistent topic that gives an impressive perception about the Naturopath.


It is important to look for someone who has written pieces on health. It shows their passion for health.


A great indicator of a highly successful Grange Natural Health Practitioner is their experience. In the digital age and the internet, if you're failing to deliver the quality and services you promise, you'll be branded a "not so positive" reputation will soon be get out.


A Grange Naturopath who holds the credentials to be capable of working as a Herbalist and Nutritionist in Grange is a great option because nutrition is a crucial aspect of good health and herbal remedies have been utilized for many years to treat various illnesses.


The office is situated in North Brisbane in Grange QLD 4053. Andrea Southern from Southern Health & Wellbeing is a professional Naturopath, who is also a certified Nutritionist and Clinical Health Practitioner and Herbalist. Andrea can provide you with a comprehensive health and wellness program that incorporates various treatments that are individually customized to your requirements.


To make sure you have an "good match", choose one who is willing to engage in conversations prior to setting an appointment for the initial visit. A meeting with a Naturopath in Grange is a crucial step to determining the best person for you. Talking with them will assist you to learn more about their techniques and what they can provide you.

It is essential to locate a professional that is able to listen to your concerns and treat each person in a way that is unique to you. Natural Medicine isn't one-size-fits-all approach. Andrea Southern offers a free 20-minute health checkup, allowing people to have questions answered and familiar with Andrea at a glance. Visit this link to schedule your complimentary 20-minute health assessment


It is recommended that you can find an accredited Grange Naturopath and Wellness Centre Practitioner that works in an multi-modality clinic. The clinic I work at is a multi-modal one. Grange clinic also provides treatments like Acupuncture Massage Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, counseling, and Chiropractic and more. It's also beneficial to find a integrative GP within Brisbane. In my Grange practice, we have an integrative GP.


For more details about Naturopathy Brisbane along with the various ways Andrea utilizes an integrative method and a holistic approach, schedule an appointment for a cost-free 20-minute health exam or book an appointment on the internet.

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