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Top Pinup Hair Styles For Women

Jun 19

Are you looking for a different style? You want to be retro and sexy! These are the top 10 pinup hairstyles that women can do!

These looks can be worn for any occasion and are easy to achieve. We have the right look for you, whether you're looking to do a classic victory roll style or something more adventurous.

What is a Pinup Hairstyle?

Pinup hairstyles are any style that a woman wears to make her look stylish and attractive. Pinup hairstyles can be worn for every occasion, including casual days out or formal events.

Pinup hairstyles are easy to achieve. You only need the right products and patience.

Victory Rolls

The victory roll is one of the most famous pinup hairstyles. This style was popularized by female pilots in 1940s who wore it so that their hair wouldn't get in their eyes while they flew.

For this look, curl your hair into tight ringlets. After your hair has been curled, you can back-comb the roots with a brush. This will give your hair volume and texture. Next, take small sections from your hair and roll them backwards toward your head. Secure each section with a pin.


The bouffant is another popular style for pinup hair. Jackie Kennedy, in the 1960s, made this look famous.

Start by removing your hair from your face, and then secure it at your crown with a clip. To add volume, backcomb your hair.

Finish by smoothing the top layer of hair over the backcombed sections.


A ponytail is a casual alternative to a pinup look. Begin by removing your hair from your face, and then secure it at the crown of you head with a barrette or clip. Next, use a curling iron to curl small sections of hair.

After your hair has been curled, put it in a ponytail. Secure the elastic. To keep it in place, spray hairspray.

Pin curls

Pin curls are another option for casual pinup looks. For pin curls, spray your hair with hairspray. Then wrap small sections of your hair around your fingers to create coils. After your hair has been in pin curls for several minutes, let it dry before you release the curls.

Finger waves

The classic pinup style of finger waves is a great choice for anyone who wants to look good! Begin by removing your hair from your face, and then secure it at the crown of you head with a clip. Next, use your fingers to take small sections from your hair and move them towards your face.

Bombshell Curls

Bombshell curls, another classic pinup style that suits long hair women, are a great choice. Start by spraying your hair with heat protectant, then curling small sections of it with a curling iron to create bombshell curls. To create soft, romantic waves, curl your hair.

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Rockabilly Quiff

Rockabilly quiffs are a playful and fun pinup style that's great for short hair or medium hair. You can create a rockabilly quiiff by removing your hair from your face, and then spraying some hairspray on your hair. Next, create a small quiff with your fingers at the front of you head. To keep your rockabilly hairstyle in place, spray your hair with more hairspray.


You have it! These are only a few of our favorite pinup hairstyles for women. We hope this article inspires you to experiment with a new style, whether it's a classic or modern pinup.

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