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Tiana Michelle Good Resident Lynnwood Organic Hair Studio Ready To Open Up Mid May

Jun 12


Delivering Couples into an Organic Method Lifestyle: An Interview by Lewis County Reporter


We recently had an opportunity to catch up to one of the busiest promising business owners, Tiana Michelle Good, throughout the opening of her fad establishing studio, Tiana Styles' Organic Hair Studio near Alderwood Wa


Lewis: What made you wish to cut hair?


Well to be straightforward with you I really didn't intend to do right here originally I was kind of placed in a position where I needed to make a decision on just how to support myself as well as my initial objective when I was more youthful you understand I had discovering disabilities as well as I didn't really understand it and so Sports and also art was my heavy craft and also I decided when I was maturing that if I were to do anything it would be to proceed education and learning.


I can most likely to university for football that was that was the big dream for me and if that had not been it then it was mosting likely to be a militaries so I could take a trip as well as I might have something that I can rely on to be happy with.


When I remained in my senior year of senior high school and also at the very best form of my life I went sledding and also I reached a crash and I broke my back and also I was compelled to be on bed remainder. I might no more do Sports as well as I can not be the person that I built myself and comprehended who I was and so you know for regarding two years a year-and-a-half of me working random food work in realizing I'm not mosting likely to make a life living this way. I had a conversation with my mother and I informed her I'm not prepared to visit university and also I do not seem like I can find out.


You know it's hard for me to do that and also be arranged as well as she suggested a profession college and also you know she was a massage therapy specialist so I believed then that trade college is an excellent concept as well as I looked into being a vet however they treat the animals to the point where I can not operate in that environment.


My mother informed me why don't you find out exactly how to obtain your hair out of a braid and also into something else - and you understand even worse case situation you can at least do my hair. Something you can constantly fall back onto so I went all out and also I really enjoyed it. You understand I really enjoyed the concept of working with people and also developing relationships as well as having an artistic creative atmosphere and also type of allowed me to Advance the the various other artistic side of myself.


Sports was sort of covering over and also I actually liked it a lot that I fasted lane with it and I entered to end up being a teacher because I thought that that's what I do I was so passionate concerning finding out and also aiding others.


I chose to head out and find out just how to do hair and also I travel the world you understand getting from City to City attempting trying new ways to get in touch with people exactly how to establish myself what it remained in this sector that I liked which the end of the day I get what I recognized what I liked was I like aiding others and also I such as giving them a healthier service.


I began checking into various salons that I felt that understood somehow and also I just gradually but surely constructed myself up as well as constructed my self-confidence and also developed my specialty which is who I am today with customized solutions for customers for what their demands are. I came from Los Angeles and things were going really well there yet I felt like there is a large piece of me missing. Washington was calling as well as I intended to return home, so I looked in the areas of where I wanted to operate in Washington.


I located Edmonds was always the area that I have excellent warm memories of as well as I was considering with the healthiest best alternative there was and also I discovered a natural salon and also I was extremely interested on it so I chose why not? I'm going to start functioning there started working there and I began realizing you know what natural items are and just how it is much better for the body as well as not just for clients but also for myself too long-lasting.


I began examining as well as researching what items are and also exactly how it affects the body what it does to the hair what it does to the mind also the chemicals of your body in your mind are influenced by the chemicals that you place on your body straight whether you digest it or you place it on topically it impacts you.

I came to be extremely enthusiastic concerning finding this details and also sharing it with others so I determined that I wanted to develop a setting that enabled people to ask concerns and also if I don't currently have the response I guarantee you that I'm going to go find it because I want to understand as well.


My goal now is to bring a brand-new culture of conscious organic health and wellness, and really simply giving people the understanding and also the information that is out there that was not offered to me that I've pertained to recognize and also I want to share it. I wish to provide people healthier alternatives to be who they intend to be on the globe whether it's their hair or whether it's their mind.


Lewis: What's the distinction between hair salon and also Studio?


It actually just boils down to area: in a hair salon I can't always manage what other individuals's understandings are of items and exactly how they supply this education and learning to clients, verses in a workshop- it's a smaller area it's more customized to be one-on-one. When you step right into these doors I can develop the atmosphere for you separately, it's more of your personal space it's established up as well as tailored for you so that.


I'm hoping that I can locate other musicians that think in what I'm doing to educate others and also they want to join my society in my course for this market as well as for not just clients necessarily, however for people or human beings for your children for your animals for yourself. I simply want people to have that experience and provide me the opportunity to share it with them that's my suitable customer so people can come in and also like simply obtain their hair washed they don't have to get it reduce or you know let me allow me function these products I require to let allow you feel them let you scent them let me describe what specific components do to your body. I simply want to offer you that information as well as I want to offer you a solution that's all - and also if you want to get your hair colored and cut too - by all implies that's a service that's personalized to you and your demands too.


Lewis: We wish to thank Tiana for her time to address our inquiries today.


You can contact Tiana Michelle Good as well as her Organic Hair Studio Salon by visiting her internet site at

Washington was calling and I desired to go back home, so I looked in the locations of where I desired to function in Washington.


I'm really hoping that I can locate other artists that believe in what I'm doing to educate others and they want to join my culture in my course for this industry and for not simply clients always, but for people or people for your youngsters for your animals for yourself. I want to develop an environment that highly supports organic resources. I just want people to have that experience and offer me the opportunity to share it with them that's my suitable client so individuals can come in and like just get their hair cleaned they do not have to get it reduce or you recognize let me allow me function these products I require to allow let you feel them let you scent them allow me discuss what particular ingredients do to your body. I simply desire to give you that information as well as I want to offer you a solution that's all - as well as if you want to get your hair colored and reduced too - by all indicates that's a solution that's personalized to you and also your demands too.