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Concrete Driveway by South Bend Concrete Contractors Co

Jun 6

Concrete Driveway by South Bend Concrete Contractors Co

For a homeowner, building your home using materials that make a statement but give strength, durability and long-lasting quality is crucial. You're probably dealing with a large list of to-do and repairs each day, so making sure you choose low-effort material should always be the first priority. Concrete is one the most sought-after materials to use for driveways and driveways, with good reason. The durability, versatility strong, strength, as well as low maintenance make concrete an ideal choice. From Bespoke designs, colors, and textures to plain concrete, your driveway will not just have a nice appearance but will last decades to go on.

Concrete Driveway Services We Offer

Concrete Driveway Installation

In addition to having a skilled team to lay your driveway, you can be assured that we'll only use the finest driveway material in the process of construction. Our driveway specialists are able to construct a durable driveway capable of handling a variety elements.

Concrete Driveway Maintenance and Repair

Repairs to concrete is required when you begin to notice cracks and other damages. When we act quickly to address these issues, the more effective. Our concrete maintenance services are available in case you are unable to maintain the driveway yourself. We offer a yearly maintenance service at low cost. Get in touch with South Bend Concrete Contractor Co for more information regarding the services we offer.

Concrete Types Roadway Surfaces

Every customer is unique. They have different preferences for design. This is why South Bend Concrete Contractors Co provides a wide range of concrete driveway finishes that you can pick from. According to your taste or the style of your property you may choose to select one of the followingoptions:

Polished Concrete Finish

It is the smoothest and most well-known option of concrete finishes. It's basically an unadorned concrete surface that has an even, smooth surface. It's an excellent choice to those who have a small budget as well as those who are interested in a traditional or conservative driveway style.

Stained Concrete Finish

Concrete surfaces can be boring and dull. Instead of the typical gray color, you can add some colors instead. When you opt for a stained concrete finish it is possible to apply any color that you like to create a beautiful surface.

Decorative Concrete Finish

Also known under the term stamped concrete these decorative concrete is a perfect option for homeowners with more imagination. If you're looking for a more edgy driveway look, decorative concrete is the right choice. Through this method you can incorporate decorative elements such as the color, texture, or the design you prefer. We do custom design, also, if you're looking for a unique look for your driveway.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

It's true that this finish exposes aggregates like Sand and rocks. It's a slip-resistant finish that's very ideal for driveways. For achieving this kind of finish, we put in concretein a level, level, as well as trowel. We make use of a chemical treat it overnight. Next, rinse it with water to get rid of the top layer. This allows the aggregate to be exposed.

Broom Finish

To create this kind of finishes on concretes, the concrete surface is prepared to be level. Then, we close by trowelling or any other method of smoothing. Our finishing crew will then drag a concrete broom across the surface to make rougher texture. Such a technique makes an unskid-proof surface.

Why Hire Us

There are many reasons hiring a professional team such as ours. Let us share with your some of the primary reasons why property owners always go with us over competitors.

High-End Concrete Driveways

Our company is famous for its top-of-the-line, exterior concrete surfaces. We produce durable concrete driveways that stand the testing of time. If there's something we take to ensure our customers get the best results is that we never ever compromise. We never compromise our choice of materials nor how we conduct ourselves. We make sure that in every single project we complete we do what we say we will.


Professional Concrete Contractor

When you're a homeowner If you're a homeowner, you'll want to attempt any DIY job you can in order to save some money. Some tasks are better left to professionals. To avoid costly mistakes as well as repairs to concrete is something must be left to those trained and experienced. With state-of-the most advanced tools and equipment as well as years in the field, our staff at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co will make sure your driveway is placed quickly and with precision the first attempt.

Affordable Concrete Driveway Cost

As mentioned earlier, on average, a concrete driveway runs from $4-$8 an square foot. It's a bit higher price compared to asphalt driveways which is priced at $1-$5 to $5 per square foot. But, with concrete, you'll receive your investment's worth. If properly maintained and installed regularly concrete driveways can last for over 50 years. However, asphalt driveways will last only 30 years.

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