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Walking Tour In Downtown Charleston 

May 29

If you're visiting Charleston SC on your first visit and you want to understand the city's rich heritage, then you must think about taking a “Walking Tour” in the heart of downtown Charleston. Charleston is a major port city, and a popular tourist location located in South Carolina, Charleston is perfect for a trip to impress anyone with its Southern hospitality, charm and rich past. Charleston is among the most renowned cities in SC which was once an important slave trading hub. It is a great excursion as it's educational, welcoming to families and reasonably priced.


The Frankly Charleston Walking Tour  

Frankly Charleston Black History Tours, is a Tour Operator, which provides a famous Walking Tour, throughout downtown Charleston, SC. This sightseeing walking tour was recently Voted Best Walking Tour In The United States, by Conde’ Nast Traveler. The walking tour is designed to provide a historical walk through the antebellum portion of the 5th Ward of Wraggborough. The tour allows you to explore the vast acreage of the homestead that was previously known as the suburbs and explore an African American colonial neighborhood. While on the tour, you'll be able to see many historical places, from colonial-era parks to renovated colonial buildings to mansions in plantation homes and many more. This fascinating walking tour of Charleston will lead you through some of this port city's biggest victories as well as the most horrific catastrophes.

Walking Tour Aspects

Here are the most important characteristics and elements of the tour:

  • Service animals are permitted.
  • Infant seats available.
  • The tour includes 2-9 people.
  • Close proximity to ground transportation.
  • If the tour is terminated because it did not meet the minimum requirement for tourists and you are not able to meet the minimum requirement, you can be offered an alternative date or full refund.
  • If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons, the tour will be rescheduled later, or you'll be given an entire refund.

Additional Information On Walking Tour: 

Learn more details about the trip, e.g., opening times, the itinerary departure time and location as well as other important information.

Walking Tour Hours:  

  • Monday, 10AM-12PM, 2-3:30PM
  • Tuesday, 10AM-12PM, 2-3:30PM
  • Wednesday, 10AM-12PM, 2-3:30PM
  • Thursday, 10AM-12PM, 2-3:30PM
  • Friday, 10AM-12PM, 2-3:30PM
  • Saturday, 10AM-12PM, 2-3:30PM
  • Sunday, 11AM-1PM

Key Walking Tour Stop Points: 

Key passes and stop points on the tour are:

  • "Pass by" Planation of a Colonial-style suburban house referred to as Aiken-Rhett Home.
  • Stop at: Various historic African American churches which include Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Pass by: Colonial military fort that was constructed in response in the Denmark Vesey plot. It's called The Citadel.

Walking Tour Departure Point: 

The departure point where you leave for the walking tour is at: 375 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Departure Time:

The departure time from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 am. Time for departure on Sunday is 11:00 AM.

Return Details:

The tour will conclude at the point of departure and return to the same location of departure: 375 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Why Choose A Frankly Charleston Walking Tour?

Charleston is famous for its meticulously curated historical past that dates to the 1600s. A Charleston tour isn't complete without a Charleston Walking Tour. This tour will allow you to go to the town and find out about the background of what was once a major trade port for slaves. Franklin D. Williams, co-owner and head guide on this historic walking tour, is a trained and enthusiastic guide who can go deeper than the typical tourist attractions in Charleston, SC. He will share his information and insight regarding African American contributions to the city as well as the country. With his experience and knowledge, Franklin will ensure that you will be able to clearly discern, comprehend and appreciate the message of the past. In the end, you'll be able to completely embrace all of Charleston.

Overview – Frankly Charleston Black History Tours: H4

Frankly Charleston Black History Tours is a family-owned business. It was founded in 2015. It was founded by Franklin D. Williams. He is an experienced tour guide who has plenty of experience, as his career has been in the field of tour guides since 2001. The company offers a range of tours that range between 90 minutes and an hour or so. With these excursions, Franklin teaches you about the African American history of Charleston, SC. Visitors can discover the city's history and discover how urban slave people were different the rural enslaved. Frankly Charleston Black History Tours is a walking tour through the heart of downtown Charleston, also helps visitors discover the historic landmarks of the city. They also visit some of the most well-preserved historical homes in the region.

The honest Charleston Black History Tours are instructive and can help newcomers to the area know the culture and history of the area. The tours offer a complete overview of both the story that is typically told by the other tours by bus or carriage as well as the important story in the context of African American resilience and slavery. If you are looking for a comprehensive view of the city which is rich in this kind of historical significance and culture, then taking a walking tour in Charleston SC is your chance to discover the city's past.

Frankly Charleston Black History Tours: 375 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA  (843) 860-7451

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