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AC repair tips  by JSC Enterprises of McDonough Georgia

May 29

Here in the south it doesn’t take long for our air conditioners to be running 24 hours a day. That’s why JSC Enterprises offers these AC repair tips in McDonough Ga.


Steve Cassell tells us, “ An air conditioning system unit was not designed to run 24 hours a day seven days a week without maintenance. That would be us driving our car 30,000 miles a year without ever changing the oil or getting a tuneup. As long as there are moving parts to an AC unit then maintenance will be required.”


Here are some common routine maintenance tasks that should be done on your air conditioner unit each year.


Regular air filter replacement. There’s an old saying that goes out of sight… out of mind. If your air handler is up in the attic or in your crawl space you may forget about changing your air filter on a regular basis. Steve tells us, “ you will not believe how dirty some filters can get. When a filter is clogged it no longer does the job of cleaning the air. This not only poses a problem for your air handler it could cause adverse effects on your health and breathing. Finally with the increase in electric rates today, understand that dirty filters cause your air handler to work harder than necessary. This means you’ll be paying higher electric bills each month.


Keep your exterior unit clean. Dirt, trash, leaves and grass clippings can usually clog your outdoor unit. Make it a habit to keep this area Clean so  rinse it with a hose occasionally. A dirty unit can make the difference between blowing warm air or cold air into your home. So if you are experiencing a cooling system that’s not cooling your home This could be a likely culprit.


Loose electrical connections cause premature equipment failure. This is not a do it yourself task. Loose electrical connections can cause heat to build up and actually melt equipment or even start a fire. We have seen the air conditioning disconnect completely melt down from this. Experts tell us this can happen overtime due to cold and heat cycles as well as the vibrations from the equipment. Contact a licensed HVAC mechanic in your area to check and tighten your connections.


Kinks in your air duct. Beware of rummaging around in your attic and stepping over air ducts. Stepping on air conditioner ductwork can cause it to kink and crease. This means you will be constricting the amount of cold air that flows into that room.


It’s time to take your temperature. How cold is the air blowing out of your ductwork? Maybe it’s time to add some refrigerant to your unit. This is not a do it yourself task. Contact a local air conditioner repair Expert to help you.


So what does this mean for you as a McDonough home owner? Just as you know what happens to a car engine that doesn’t get its oil changed, so too an air conditioner will eventually break down if not properly maintained. The solution? Regular air conditioning tuneups.


When is the best time to schedule a service call? Do you think it’s before there's a problem or after a problem? Remember It is always cheaper to do preventive maintenance than to replace expensive parts.


Contact an AC repair expert in McDonough near you today.


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