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Smart Lock Installation- Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento Near Me

Jan 17

If you're seeking for high-quality, simple, modern, and brand-new lock sets that won't cost you an arm and a leg, Kwikset Smart Key is most likely the answer. When you have a Kwikset Smart Key lockset installed, you may effortlessly rekey the lock in a matter of seconds. The Smart Key, on the other hand, delivered on its promise. It just takes a minute to install a Kwikset Smart Key lock from Home Depot, which can be re-keyed in less than a minute after it has been purchased.

The Kwikset Smart Key was one of the first on the market, and it appears and acts precisely like a standard cylinder in terms of appearance and functionality. The only indication that it is a SmartKey lock is a tiny hole in the cylinder at the 10 o'clock position on the keyhole. The Kwikset smartkey lock is extremely difficult to pick and bump, which means it will provide your family with greater protection.

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What is the purpose of rekeying a lock?
There are a variety of reasons why you might need to rekey a lock.

If one of the family members has misplaced his or her key.
If you have a few doors in your house and you put all of them on the same key, you've achieved success.
If you've recently moved into a new apartment, you don't want the previous renter to have access to your new home as well.
How can I rekey a Kwikset Smart Key Security Lock that I purchased?
Smart key rekeying tool from Kwikset

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The following are the steps to follow in order to rekey the Smart Key lock:
Insert the current functioning key and spin the key 90 degrees clockwise to complete the rotation.
Incorporate the "change key tool" into the hole on the front of the cylinder to complete the process (a small paperclip may also work). There will be a little click as a result of this.
Take the functional key out of the lock and put it somewhere safe (do not turn it).
Replace the old cut key with a new Kwikset cut key and insert it into the lock.
Remove the new key by turning it back to the starting position.



Is It Possible To Purchase A Kwikset Smart Key Security Lock Online? Car locksmith near me low rate locksmith Sacramento
You may purchase a Kwikset smart key lock at any Home Depot or Lowe's store in your neighborhood, but you can also locate them online on websites such as Amazon or Ebay, where you will most likely find cheaper rates. We strongly advise you to investigate such websites first.

More information about home security may be found here.

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