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Popular engagement ring trends

Dec 9

Valentine's Day might seem more popular than ever to propose (just a quick Instagram look last December confirmed this). It is harder to test a relationship if it's isolated than if you have a full-blown relationship.

An engagement ring is the most significant piece of a proposal.

OK, sentimental speech is important. This jewelry will last a lifetime. You must love it.

There are 11 choices for diamond shapes you can choose from, To let your partner know your preferences, you can hint at them.

Experts claim this list includes that brides need throughout 2021.

  • The classic solitaire-style ring

Although solitaires are no longer in fashion, they remain very popular. You can also add unique eternity rings to your other fingers or a fashion brand to create an individual look.

  • The three-stone ring

The three-stone engagement ring is another timeless option.

  • For unique halo ring

The halo ring is back in fashion.

  • Vintage-inspired ring

A throwback to old-world elegance is one of the most popular styles. Search stunning Art Deco and Floral designs for the perfect ring.

  • Split Shank Engagement Rings

The most dramatic and striking designs are the split shanks. These pieces can be used to symbolize your love forever.

  • Bezel Setting Engagement Rings

Bezel-setting rings are very popular for their modern and practical appearance.

The bezel design can also be customized.

  • Pave Settings Engagement rings

These pave diamond engagement rings are stunning. They have a dazzling, continuous surface of diamonds. This creates a continuous shimmering surface. There are many options.

Pave settings have two advantages. The stones sparkle more and the metal doesn’t show through. They create beautiful lines of light, glitter and reflections.

It is not easy to resize a set of paving stones to make a ring.

  • Custom-made engagement rings

We can personalize our hand-crafted engagement and wedding rings with color gemstones or diamonds.

  • Double Halo Engagement Rings

Double-halo engagement rings are made with a second halo full of diamonds around the center stones. Your marriage is a significant milestone.

  • Channel Set Diamond Rings

Channel set rings can be small diamonds or gemstones that are placed in a channel. The lip of the channel set rings is often very narrow and slightly extends beyond its edges.

Channel set engagement rings are often designed with grooves that can be seen within the channel. These grooves can also be used to secure small diamonds.

  • Wedding band sets

We believe in the true connection between wedding rings and sets of rings for couples. Our range of wedding bands includes traditional, elegant and sparkling eternity bands.